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Complete Customization

September 7, 2012

Custom Medical Device ManufacturingHere at NASP we have the flexibility to customize products, processes and services to suit a wide variety of clients and projects. Regardless of the customization that takes place, you can be confident that our quality systems adhere to stringent FDA and ISO requirements.

With more than 200 years of cumulative experience between everyone from the executive level to direct labor staff, we have a wealth of knowledge for our clients to draw upon. We are well versed in growing a base idea into a custom solution for even the most unique applications. And if you have a product that you’d like to upgrade or modify, be it offering the “next generation” version of your star product, or looking to work out some kinks from other suppliers, we’re here to take you through that process.

The customization doesn’t stop once your product is complete. We can also customize the packaging of your device, utilizing everything from a simple pouch to a custom thermoform tray with a tie back barrier for sterilization purposes. And our sterilization processes can be tailored to meet your distinctive design requirements. Through out the process our quality team is on-hand, and extremely well versed in standard testing and inspection techniques, as well as unique and intricate protocols.

And to round it all out we have a continuous cost improvement activity to assure we deliver the best at an optimum price.

From product, to packaging, to sterilization and quality testing, we’re here to match our expertise with your needs, and produce a product that surpasses your expectations. We’re excited to get to work.

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