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Vertically Integrated for Your Benefit

May 18, 2012

Here at NASP, we are a vertically integrated facility, meaning our engineering, manufacturing, packaging and sterilization services all take place under one roof. For us, this provides an efficient way of conducting our business. For our customers, this has a profound effect, lowering costs and reducing turnaround times.


Think of us as an extension of your technical staff. We can help you regardless of where you are in your design process. Do you have a fully designed product that you need manufactured? We’ve got you covered. We may even offer some recommendations, be they functional improvements, cost saving measures, or both. How about if you simply have an idea, a concept that you’d like to turn into a finished product? That works too. We’re happy to help bring your idea to fruition.

And once your design is complete, your manufacturing is in good hands. We have the means of providing a great many services in our facility. These include, but are not limited to, solvent bonding, soldering, sonic welding, die cutting and various adhesives applications. Cyanoacrylate, UV, silicone and water adhesives are just some of the adhesives we work with. Because of our extensive array of services, we have the resources to tailor our production process to suit your needs—our capabilities depend on your job.

We pride ourselves on flexibility, action and thought—and above all else customer service. So for your next project, work with us and we’ll take your idea from concept to market.

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